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We are so excited and very much looking forward to hosting your camper! 


 If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to my cell phone by texting or calling (315) 796 6133.   Text is best during camp. 


Thank you! 

Dave George - Youth Program Manager

Camper Information

Drop Off and Pick Up Times



Registration begins Sunday at 2:00p.m. and concludes at 4:00p.m.  

Swim tests will be completed only on Sunday between 2 - 7 PM so if your camper misses check in time, they will not be allowed to use the waterfront during camp week.   Please also be prepared for lines if you arrive between 2 - 3 PM on Sunday as every camper needs to check in with our nursing team.   



Please make sure every medication you are bringing for your child is accompanied by a doctor's note/Medication Authorization.  These should have already been sent to Catholic Charities prior to camp but we can still accept them on Sunday.  Please note we cannot accept Medications without a doctor's note.   Please also note that we need every camper's immunization list so please get them to us if you haven't yet done so.  They can be emailed to our Nurse Kira's email address which is



Friday pick up is between 4:00p.m. and 6:00p.m. No dinner is served on Friday.   Please contact our Camp Director Jeffrey Spencer if anyone other than your designated Parent/Guardian will be picking up your child.  Please also contact Jeff to notify us of early or late pick up times.


Office Phone Number & Staff 


Camp Nazareth Office at 315-392-3791 

Camp Cell Phone 315-832-5745

Camp Director: Jeff Spencer

Assistant Camp Director:  Gavin Reid

Camp Nurse:  Kira Kulpa

Camp EMT: Nicole Mora  

Camp Registration/back up Nurse:  Mary Ryan


Contacting Your Child

We encourage you and your family to write to your child. Please send letters by Friday or latest Saturday as letters typically take longer to get to camp.  If you miss sending a letter, please feel free to get it to our main office and I'll bring it up to camp.  

Camp Nazareth - Attention: Child's Name

112 Long Lake Road

Woodgate, NY 13494


Creating unforgettable memories!

*Photos will be updated throughout the week, so please check back for updates​​   Please text Dave 315 796 6133 for photo link if you have not received it.  

We will also be taking a photo of every camper to send home at the end of the week.  Please be sure to have your camper's photo taken outside of the exit door of our Canteen on drop off day and please be sure to ask your camper about it when you pick them up.  


CANTEEN  (price list linked below)

Newly revamped this season is our camp store/Canteen on campus of Camp Nazareth where we will sell snacks, gear, clothing, and other unique items.  During check in on Sunday please make sure to visit the camp store.    And new this season camp families can use their credit card to put additional $ on your camper's canteen account.   Everyone automatically has a $10 credit from their registration fee on their Canteen account.  No refunds for unspent balance so please check into the canteen on Friday pick up to check your camper's balance.  


MENU (linked below)

Please check out our linked menu and please reach out to our Camp Director Jeffrey Spencer with any allergy/dietary information.   Our Food Service Director will be working with our team to ensure we have our camper's allergy/dietary information.   (lunch on Fri TBD and Thurs dinner may change) 


Items Your Camper Should Try to Bring

(All personal items must be clearly labeled with campers name.) +​

  • Sleeping bag, Fitted Sheet, blanket, pillow 

  • Pajamas/clothes to sleep in (it can get very chilly at night so bring warm things as well!)

  • 2-4 Bath towels

  • A pair of shower shoes

  • Flashlight

  • Sunglasses if needed

  • Sunscreen - labeled 

  • Bug Spray - labeled 

  • Socks (recommended to pack 1 pair per day, plus an additional 2-3 pairs), walking shoes, or boots

  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor activities such as hiking, sports, boating, etc.

  • 1-2 beach towels

  • Rain jacket, umbrella (optional)

  • Many campers pack a nice outfit to wear to the dance on Wednesday night (This is completely optional)

  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant…Shower caddy/bucket to carry belongings to bathhouse is helpful)

    • Please note that campers are required to shower EVERY DAY


  • Snacks are allowed as long as they are PEANUT FREE!

  • Sufficient warm clothing for length of stay

  • Two (2) pairs of sneakers [One (1) old for water hikes]

  • Appropriate swim attire, raincoat, sweaters, jackets

  • Non-aerosol bug repellent and hair products 

  • Please pack your items labeled with your campers name in a bag/tote/suitcase etc.

  • If you have a tent, please feel free to bring it but this is not required.  

Cell phones, MP3 players and video games interfere with camp activities and are not permitted. These devices will be confiscated until parent/guardian pick up, please refrain from bringing them.


Please don't pack matches, lighters, knives/etc., and please do not bring any peanut/nut snacks to our campus due to allergies. 

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to contact us!

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