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Daily Activities

Campers travel with other campers their age to experience these activities daily.


Adirondack Wilderness Experience - AWE


From puddle jumping to stream-hiking, campers learn an excitement for the outdoors. Campers are exposed to many different elements of nature in our 300+ acres of Adirondack forest, where they learn wilderness safety and environmental appreciation.


Arts & Crafts

Campers explore their artistic talents while working on stimulating and creative projects. Various crafts, drawing and painting are all part of this exciting program. Boondoggle and popsicle sticks remain traditional favorites!




Our large recreation fields offer campers lots of space to enjoy soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, tag games and may more activities. Campers participate in traditional team competitions along with recreational sports and non-competitive activities.




Our American Red Cross certified waterfront staff provide swim instruction to beginners as well as advanced swimmers. Red Cross skills are taught along with water safety through instruction and water sports. Recreation swim takes place under careful supervision.



With hands-on instruction, campers learn the different techniques used in canoeing. Our certified staff involve campers with the progression of their ability and technique. Campers will enjoy the beauty of Little Long Lake, along with the gratifying experience in learning how to properly paddle, tip, flip and swamp a canoe.




Camp Nazareth's guiding principles of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility surround every camp activity. To enhance these principles of character, additional learning sessions are provided by qualified staff.

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