PLEASE READ PRIOR TO REGISTRATION! COVID-19 Program Changes for Camp Nazareth 2021


COVID Waiver-

All participants must sign and submit a COVID waiver at time of registration for summer 2021.

Camp Nazareth Camper Registration and Forms 2021 Season- Please complete and return with deposit to register!

Please download the above registration form which includes the required forms noted below. All forms should accompany your child's registration form. A Full payment is due at the time of registration. Registration deadline is Friday, June 18, 2021. The Registration Form alone does not guarantee a secured spot, all forms and full payment must be received to secure a spot.

Health History Form-to be completed by the parent. Physicals are no longer required however a copy of the campers current immunization records must be included. 

Authorization for Administration of Medication Form- must be filled out and signed by prescriber for all medications that are being administered at Camp Nazareth. This includes all Over the Counter (OTC) medications. 

Medication Authorization must be received by June 25th. Medical Forms will not be accepted on day of arrival. Campers will not be allowed at camp without the required medical information.


Participant Liability Authorization Form-

By completing this form, you are authorizing your child to participate in all activities and are stating that the child has appropriate medical coverage and releasing Catholic Charities, Camp Nazareth and the Diocese of Syracuse from any and all liability. Please note that both the camper and parent/guardian sign this form. This form is a requirement to attend camp.


Camper Code of Conduct-

Please review this form with your child. Our code of conduct conveys the general expectations we have of camper attitude and behavior. Please note that both the camper and parent/guardian sign this form.

NYS Health Department - Children's Camps In New York State- Informational for you to review and keep